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so Shirin Ebadi came to speak out our university today

so in a packed lecture hall today, the Nobel Peace Prize winning iranian human-rights activist addressed us

What she said was really interesting. Including that she did believe the regime was weak and that movements towards democracy could prevail. But that if the West do decide to intervene, that it would be disasterous and would legitimise the regime and give them a reason for national unity. Thereby ending the cracks that exist in the regime.

I asked her that as the regime was so brutal, people must be fearful to come out in any potential revolution, so what was the best hope for Iranians to get freedom and democracy. She said what people shouldn’t do is turn to violence, because that will legitimise the violence used against them. She said people must have patience, and that she understood how hard that is when your friends are facing prison, but it was the only way.

Iran is on the brink of causing a major war in the region, as it threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz. But Ebadi spoke of optimism. That the people are against the regime and that change can come. We didn’t expect change in other parts of the Middle East, and this is Iran, where no one expected a revolution in 1979. So lets not give up hope just yet.